Matchmaking and Consultancy

Love is calling! Is it you? Or your friend? We are looking for:

an English speaking gentleman living in Prague or near Prague, who is 39 – 59 years old, taller than 178 cm  for a lady who is 39 yo and whose native language is English
a Czech&English speaking lady who is 34 – 42yo for a gentleman who is 46 yo, he would like to have a family
a Czech woman, age 32 – 39 for a Czech man who is 41yo and he would like to meet the one to have children with
an English speaking man, age 39 – 50 who is taller than 180cm, for a lady 40 yo who has lived in Prague for 3 years
an English speaking man who would like to have a family at some point for a woman who is 38 yo.
All our clients are successful people who do not have any opportunity to meet anybody these days + they do not want to spend hours with online dating – it is a waste of time for them, they prefer our Matchmaking service.


We offer a carefully considered, tailored approach to finding you a partner based on you and your desires, for example age, education, hobbies and any other personal preferences.

First Matchmaking Consultancy is to discover exactly what and who you are looking for and what you yourself offer. Priced at czk 590,-/hour

– consultancy is also possible on Skype & Facetime, get a termine via email

This symbolic fee is then included in any of our personalized packages – basic, standard, luxury which are priced according to your requirements if you choose our Matchmaking Service.

Try our Matchmaking in Prague! Contact us:



Interested in being in our Matchmaking database?

Would you like to be in our database for our next Matchmaking clients? Once we have someone who could be your potential partner, we would contact you first!

The database fee is czk 590,- . Please, pay your database fee per payment card or online payment – the same way as if you ordered one gift voucher for czk 590,- –  this symbolic fee includes our time to create your profile + 12 month database – you’ll have a chance to meet more potential partners! 🙂Please, pay online or by card here:


or transfer the amount to our account.

Account number:  1234212, Bank code: 5500 Raiffeisen Bank


Please send your 4-6 photos (face, whole body) to

This service is professional, discrete. You are not seen anywhere!

WHICH TYPES OF PHOTOS should you send us?

Please send us 4-6 quality photos to

You should send us head shot and one body shot. Pick your best photos that highlight your best features:

  • not wearing sunglasses, not in a cap, not sexy poses, not selfies

We need to see your face and your whole body in daylight.

  • only you on the photos – ideally at least one photo: ladies wearing a dress, gentlemen wearing a suit, a polo T-shirt

We can also arrange a photo shoot with our photographer and you would have nice photos of yourself at an affordable price, see Price List. This works very well for our matchmaking clients.

After receiving your quality pictures, we would send you a short questionnaire for you to fill in and later profiles of our single ladies and gentlemen. If there is a match, you can go for a date and see if there is some sparkle between you two. You have nothing to lose! No expectations, no disappointment.

This matchmaking service is professional. Our clients are very nice and intelligent people who do not have time to sit in bars to meet someone. Have in mind that you represent yourself when you send us your photos. Remember, smiling opens doors.



Use our consultancy to increase your confidence and improve your interpersonal skills. For example relationship goals, self- evaluation, personal presentation, dynamic behavior, topics of conversation, clothing choices.

Priced at czk 690,-/hour

– consultancy is also possible on Skype & Facetime, get online meeting via email


Please, transfer the amount to our account:

Account number:  1234212, Bank code: 5500 Raiffeisen Bank

IBAN: CZ7255000000000001234212


Message for Recipient: Your name + First Consultancy/Database/Consultancy