Matchmaking in Prague, Dating in Prague

 We are maybe looking for YOU! Matchmaking in Prague is here for you! Are you dating in Prague? Are you an Expat in Czechia?

Our demand for Singles:

  1. A lady, who speaks German or English, age 40 – 50, gentle and feminine, up to 173 cm tall, not wanting to have children anymore, for a Czech gentleman
  2. This lady is taken! A Czech man or an Expat living in Prague speaking Czech, age 50-60 yo, for a lady 48 yo, 167 cm
  3. Czech man, age 35 – 55, with a vision and a plan of having a family or a foreigner living in Prague speaking English or French for a Czech lady, 39 yo, 174 cm
  4. Czech man or an Expat, age 40 – 54, speaking English or German for a lady, 42 yo, 177 cm
  5. Lady, 30-44yo, who is active, likes sport, ideally speaks German for a 46 yo gentleman, 186 cm living in Czechia who speaks German, English and Czech
  6. Man, 32-45yo, for a Czech lady who speaks English, to have a relationship and a family one day

Please send your 4-6 photos (face, whole body) to

This service is professional, discrete. You are not seen anywhere!

WHICH TYPES OF PHOTOS should you send us?

Please send us 4-6 quality photos to

You should send us head shot and one body shot. Pick your best photos that highlight your best features:

  • not wearing sunglasses, not in a cap, not sexy poses, not selfies

We need to see your face and your whole body in daylight.

  • only you on the photos – ideally at least one photo: ladies wearing a dress, gentlemen wearing a suit, a polo T-shirt

We can also arrange a photo shoot with our photographer and you would have nice photos of yourself at an affordable price, see Price List. This works very well for our matchmaking clients.