Looking for 2 Single Ladies! Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

We are looking for 2  Single Women for our Matchmaking! Is that you, your sister, friend or a colleague?

We are looking for women who would like to meet our single men, our new clients for Matchmaking:

  • a Czech man, 34 years old, 175cm
  • a man from Benelux living in Prague, 52 years old, 172cm

The ladies should be: both max. up to 172 cm tall, skinny or normal  bodiy types , not chubby, not full bodied.

  • a young single woman 27-33 years old, without children, for a childless client, he would like to have a family in the future
  • a woman, elegant lady, international type 40-50 years old, slender or normal body type, not chubby, not the type of a woman who spends every weekend in a cottage with a family, open-minded
    Both women up to 172cm. We are interested in elegant slender types.

Please send your 4-6 photos (face, whole body) to singles@singlesinprague.cz

This service is professional, discrete, you are not seen anywhere.

Please send us quality photos where we can see you! 🙂 Not wearing sunglasses, not in a cap, not sexy poses, not SELFIES.

We can also arrange a photo shoot with our photographer and you would have nice photos of yourself at an affordable price, see Price List.

After receiving your quality pictures, we would send you a short questionnaire and later profiles of the gentlemen. If there is a match, you can go for a date and see if there is some sparkle between you two. You have nothing to lose no expectations, no disappointment.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? – Lionel Richie 🙂

Singles in Prague