Dating success! A new couple met at our Singles Event 45+!

Yes it’s right! It can be you! This beautiful couple met at the 45+ Singles in Prague event!

How and where our couple met?

Derek attended our Singles Event three times. He enjoyed the atmosphere of Singles in Prague dating events. He met many people and returned to the party again to meet the one! Blanka was very lucky, she came only once and these two just clicked! They have been together for about 7 months now.

We wish them all the best for their future life!

We are very pleased to have permission to show a photo of Blanka and Derek. They are not shy to show that they met at Singles Party.  Our clients often ask for discretion and they do not want to be seen anywhere But these two amazing people want to support our dating project! Thank you!

We are happy that people have another chance to meet the love of their lives. At this age there are a lot of people divorced or widowed, which happened to these two people as well. They now have a reason to smile again and share their time together. In communicating with this couple, the idea came up that Singles in Prague parties could be presented as a Singles Club, so people get the feeling that they can just come and enjoy the show and come back for the sake of the atmosphere and new acquaintances. What do you think about this? We are interested in your feedback.

Where do people really get to know each other nowadays? At  Singles in Prague Events. Do you not have time to join us? How about our Matchmaking Service. 

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