Looking for 2 Single Ladies! Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Hello! We are looking for 2  Single Women for our Matchmaking! Is that you, your sister, friend or a colleague? We are looking for women who would like to meet our single men, our new clients for Matchmaking: a Czech man, 34 years old, 175cm a man from Benelux living ...
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Dating success! A new couple met at our Singles Event 45+!

Yes it's right! It can be you! This beautiful couple met at the 45+ Singles in Prague event! How and where our couple met? Derek attended our Singles Event three times. He enjoyed the atmosphere of Singles in Prague dating events. He met many people and returned to the party ...
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Matchmaking, Looking for a Single Man, Expats or Czech

Matchmaking - Looking for a Man, Expats or Czech We are looking for an open minded gentleman 40-62 years old for a nice lady who likes to laugh and enjoys life! She is in her early 40’s, she is dynamic, voluptious, very full-figured. She speaks English, French and also Czech ...
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